The Health Benefits You Can Gain from Youth Juice


Health is one of the most important things people have in life. Everyone is given one body which he or she is held responsible for whatever happens to it. Eating the right foods are the top concern in order to promote a better health. However, a lot of food in the market now, especially from fast food restaurants are so unhealthy and filled with saturated fats. These saturated fats are fatty acids that increase the level of cholesterol in the blood which when accumulated will heighten the risks of getting heart disease or hypertension. Yes, these foods actually taste heavenly good such as pizza, burger, bacon and others, but what you don’t know is that these guilty pleasures clogs your heart and increases your body weight as it accumulates into your hips or arms in form of fat. In short, foods like these stays a moment on the lips, but forever on the hips.

Would you risk your health just for a moment of eating these tasty but unhealthy foods? If you cannot, that’s okay. There is now a way for a person to have a major cleanup in his body without having to compromise your fondness for fatty foods. The Youth Juice is a functional food drink out in the market that aims to collect and dispose all of the fats and unhealthy ingredients that has accumulated in your body for a long time. It caps off all of these agents that makes your body weak and feeble.

Youth Juice products are available in three variants: Youth Juice, Youth Juice Restor and Youth Juice Reshape. The first two comes in juice drinks while Reshape come sin smoothie. All of these three are made from seven important berries namely elderberry, red raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, boysenberry, black currant, and cranberry. YJ Sciences has also integrated three sea vegetables in the drink with bladder wrack, kombu fucoidan and sea lettuce.

Aside from digestion and detoxification and weight management through metabolism acceleration, it also promotes improved energy, mental focus and mood enhancement, improved mobility, immune system and respiratory health support and better skin, hair and nails.

These are the numerous benefits that an individual can takes advantage of upon drinking the Youth Juice. It enhances the body as a whole and targets all toxins and fats that are taken in along with everyday food. To keep your body healthy and active, this drink can help you achieve an optimal state of health by simply drinking one glass a day.




Bulova Watches: A Timepiece For America

Who has not heard of Bulova watches? Adorning the wrists of men and women around the world, the Bulova brand is well recognized and very well respected. Over the years it has developed several different styles, each with its own brand name and own personality.

First created in 1875 by a young immigrant from Bohemia in a small New York City jewelry store, the Bulova brand has developed into a broad range of styles and prices. In those days, men carried pocket watches and women wore womens watches as pins. Wristwatches were for the rich and considered luxury items. Until 1911 Joseph Bulova designed and sold fine pocket watches and fancy clocks. It was not until World War I that wristwatches were seen as practical timekeeping instruments.

In 1919, during the First World War, the soldiers realized how inconvenient pocket watches could be. Joseph Bulova responded by making wristwatches that were excellent yet practical timekeepers.

Bulova has many “firsts” in their history. The first national radio advertisement was for Bulova watches in 1926. Toning the time on the hour, and spelling out its name, B-U-L-O-V-A. Then in 1941, at a Philadelphia Phillies vs. Brooklyn Dodgers baseball game, Bulova was the first paid television advertisement at the whopping cost of $9! The theme of the advertising was “America runs on Bulova time”.

In 1928 Bulova introduced the first clock radio. In 1929, it re-engineered and patented a new method of building clocks for automobiles. And the first electric clocks were manufactured in 1931. These included small clocks for homes, as well as large clocks for train stations, office buildings, airports and public buildings. During the depression, the company spent over $1 million to support their dealers by offering buyers of their watches time-payment plans.

Charles Lindbergh was a real fan of Bulova watches. The 1926 the Bulova Watch Company offered a prize of $1,000 to the first pilot to fly nonstop across the Atlantic Ocean. In 1927, when Lindbergh landed, he was given a special watch as a commemorative gift and then began appearing in advertising shoots until the late 1920′s. The company also produced a special commemorative line of watches called the “Lone Eagle”. The supply of 5,000 watches was sold out in three days!